Loganic’s works of art portray otherworldly characters. As a visual artist & dj, he feels receptive to their inner rhythms and regards himself under the moniker Loganic, the vessel through which these beings organically expose impermanent states in their unique stories.

Loganic unearths these unusual characters living through their individual situations. The paintings capture moments of the characters’ contemplations, expressions or actions. Some may dance through their ordeals while others pose or appear meditative. So many of the figures are presented in an isolated fashion, while other compositions reveal the relationships between beings.

Loganic’s visual language fluctuates between spirtual incarnation and artist controlled decision-making. The artworks aren’t generally pre-composed. Most of the works begin as spontaneous strokes to the surface, as if they were improvised musical notes. From his cacophony of spontaneous strokes, Loganic strives to pull these characters into existence, by generating forms & spaces, bringing clarity to chaotic markings. Themes of eccentricity & peculiarity, overcoming struggle, spiritual growth and sensuality seem to recurrently appear throughout his works of art. The constructed characters remain true to their ethereal quality, seeming to possess varying degrees of feminine & masculine energies, not limited to earthly, stagnant categorization.