“Conspicuous Inspection”
“Latest Incarnation”
“Alchemist am Oberbaumbr├╝cke”
“Blues Through The Half World”
“Imperceptible Strategy”
“Experimentation With The Times”
“Magnetized Uncertainty”
“Ain’t Summoned Nobody But You”
“Situational Whirlwind”
“Czar Of His Own Trespass”
“Stumble Into Launchpads”








Dance Thru The Pain
Systematic Mysteries

“Flit The Feel Fantastic”
“Latest Incarnation”

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Loganic is visually nomadic. His artistic process centers around the journey, as he embarks on each work with no preconceived image in mind. He creates by discovering imagery in impromptu paintings, drawings & soundscapes or as he dubs the process – freestyle art-making.